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    5 Essential Ways to Keep Heating and Cooling Costs Down

    If you aren’t careful, your energy bills could end up taking a big chunk out of your funds.Energy.gov says your energy consumption makes up about 45 percent of your utility bill. That’s nearly half. So it’s crucial to make sure the heating and air conditioning systemyou use helps you save money instead of wasting it. Here’s a list of handy heating and cooling tips you can follow to keep your air conditioning systems in tip-top shape:

    Proper maintenance is key

    The best system on the planet won’t last without proper and regular maintenance service. So ask for a pro to take a look at your system regularly. That way, any problems or issues are caught early on and nipped in the bud before they even have a chance to escalate and turn into bigger problems in the future.

    Upgrade your equipment

    Upgrading your equipment can help boost the performance of your unit as well as improve the length of its service life. By upgrading your air conditioning system’s parts, you can look forward to a more efficient AC system.

    Clean heaters and radiators

    One way to ensure your HVAC system keeps running without a hitch is to clean parts of it regularly. If you don’t know how to do this, no worries. Call in experts to perform the task for you. You shouldn’t try to do it on your own, too, if you haven’t got enough skill, experience or tools and even the right safety gear, to get the job done.

    Go for green technology

    Old units tend to use up a lot more energy. Newer models these days are much better at conserving energy so if you need to replace any of your units, go for energy-efficient brands and models. It might cost you more upfront but the cost-savings you’ll get in the long run will far outweigh your initial expenses.

    Use drapes

    You can use drapes to help control your heating and cooling costs. Keep the drapes drawn during the summer to keep the heat out of your rooms and do the same over the winter to keep the cold out. It’s a simple yet effective way to help your heating and cooling system out.
    These tips should handily help you take care of your HVAC systems. For more tips and information on finding reliable HVAC systems, contact us at SHEM-TOV HVAC Systemstoday.

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