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    Shemtov Systems recommends

    Shemtov Systems recommends

    Shemtov Systems recommends installing Whole-house humidifiers. Its Installed in your  HVAC ductwork in the home, a whole-house unit adds humidity to  the entire volume of indoor air as it  circulates through the ducts. The humidifier is permanently  connected to the water supply line. The way a power humidifier operates is : a  layer of water is dispersed over a water panel in the humidifier, than  a fan within the humidifier blows through the panel adding water vapor to the air. The humidifier is activated by a digital humidistat located in the living quarters or on the return ducts, where the desired humidity settings can be input by the user, and the unit will then continuously monitor indoor air and activate  the humidifier as necessary. Maintenance is generally limited to annual cleanings by Shemtov Systems HVAC technician .

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